COVID-19 Safety Plan

This COVID-19 safety plan is developed in partnership with Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters as a food vendor on site at Ravens Brewing Company.  The health and wellness of our employees and customers is our number one priority as we learn to adapt to the new conditions under COVID-19.  This safety plan is developed through the guidelines provided by the Provincial Health Officer, Worksafe BC and Fraser Health.  The responsibility of enforcing these guidelines are part of all employees of Ravens Brewing Company and Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters to ensure the safety of everyone at our location.  In the development of this document we have included staff for their input and risk assessment

Assessing the Risks at Ravens Brewing Company

The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads in several ways. It can spread in droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. It can also spread if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face.

The risk of person-to-person transmission increases the closer you come to other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people you come near.

The risk of surface transmission increases when many people contact the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time.

Areas where physical distancing may occur

We have identified the following areas where people gather and work together:
– Front entrance line up and waiting area, public and staff washrooms, service areas for front of house, POS station, staff room, offices

Surfaces and equipment that are shared or frequented

We have identified the following tools and machinery as well as frequently touched surface areas:
-Cash, drink trays, payment cards, dollies, office supplies, forklift, door handles, light switches, beer tap handles, POS screens, tables, chairs, fridge doors, dishwasher, brewery equipment, coffee brewing equipment, coffee roasting equipment

We will be serving all food in recyclable single use serving options.

Protocols to Reduce the Risks are Ravens Brewing Company

Reducing physical distancing protocols

We have implemented the following protocols to assist in reducing the risks associated with physical distancing in the areas identified during assessment.

  • Reduced capacity of guests to 50% of occupancy, 10 people in the tasting room and 10 people in the patio area.

  • No groups larger that 6 people permitted in the tasting room and patio

  • We have posted occupancy signage in designated guest areas

  • Separated the seating to allow for 2m between guests seated at individual tables

  • Changed the workflow of the staff service preparation area to minimize cross over

  • Reduced shared equipment between service areas

  • Maintaining 2m distancing between staff and guests whenever possible

  • Reduced shared work spaces of all employees

  • We have installed Plexiglas barriers at the entrance way to maximize the separation between incoming and seated guests

  • We have installed Plexiglas and raised walls between service areas and guest waiting areas

  • We have installed an exterior service window, allowing guests to pickup product without entering the front of house tasting room.

  • Washroom has clear signage demonstrating hand washing techniques

  • Sanitizer stations setup at entrance and the POS station

  • Clear markings on the floor outlining physical distancing

Staffing protocols 

  • Staff must stay at home when they have symptoms related to COVID-19

  • All staff must observe Food Safe health practices including washing hands after contact with guest, shared surfaces, handling cash, the start and end of work periods and washroom breaks.

  • Staff must follow cleaning guidelines and complete cleaning schedules

  • Maintain 2m from guests and co-workers

  • Masks are available and must be worn at all times

  • Single use gloves are available, however, glove use does not remove the requirement for regular hand washing and sanitizing

  • Managers are responsible for ensuring staff follow the COVID-19 safety plan

Cleaning protocols of shared spaces

  • We have developed an enhanced cleaning policy covering shared equipment and surfaces

  • Regularly developed cleaning schedules to adequately maintain clean working surfaces

  • Cleaning schedules must be updated daily and signed by employees

  • Hand washing stations and sanitizer stations are available throughout all areas

  • Posted signage regarding washing and sanitization have been posted

  • All staff have been trained and educated regarding the cleaning materials and adequate personal protection equipment is available for their use

Communication and Training of COVID-19 Safety Plan with Staff

  • Staff have been provided a copy of this safety plan

  • Regular staff safety meetings will continue to take place to address any updates to the Safety Plan or other concerns

  • Staff are aware of all hand washing and sanitization locations on site

  • Staff are aware of all available personal protection equipment available if needed at anytime

  • Staff have been made aware that if they have any COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home and immediately contact their manager and Fraser Health officials

Communication of COVID Safety with the Public

  • Signage has been placed through out the front of house covering:

    • Hand washing best practices

    • Physical distancing guidelines

    • Occupancy and seating arrangements

  • Signage has been placed on the floor show physical distancing

Continued Monitoring of the Workplace

  • Regularly scheduled safety meetings will take place allowing all staff to voice any concerns or changes to this policy or any safety protocols.

  • We will continue to modify the policy and protocols if needed as risk get identified

  • We will continue to monitor information provided by the Provincial Health Officer, Worksafe BC and Fraser Health

We will always strive to provide a safe environment for our employees and guests.  We will respect the opinions and comments provided by staff and guests.  We respect that the employee has the right to refuse unsafe work.  If there are any concerns with this policy or any safety at Ravens Brewing Company please contact us at or 604.758.1557.


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