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We have tons of things planned when it comes to brews. Here is a sneak peak into our New Releases!


New Releases incoming. As part of a new initiative, we want to give a close look at what is happening behind the scene here at Ravens. In light of that we wanted to highlight two brews that are coming in the near future. 


As October brews closer, so does Oktoberfest. And while it is cancelled this year, the spirit of the festival is still here. A last year favourite, our Das Bierzelt makes a return this year, fully inspired by German-style Festbier. For those that don’t remember this brew, it features a rich golden colour and a moderately malty sweetness. That’s all we can say about this brew so far, but keep an eye out for more specifics. 


We teased this brew last week on our blog, so we have a little more to add as far as what you can expect from this collaboration. The Belgian Blonde uses Smoking Gun’s very own Guatemala Huehuetenango beans. These beans feature  a sweet taste, a hint ripe pear and cocoa with some sparkling acidity. While it’s not guaranteed to transfer all the tasting notes into our brew, we have high hopes of this coffee tastings beer. 


We will have more specifics as we get closer to fully announcing our new releases, so stay tuned. 



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