BrandingRavens Brewing Rebranding

Ravens Brewing is slowly transitioning all our cans over to a new rebranded look that we have been working on behind the scenes for a while!


Raven imagery has obviously been an important inspiration for Ravens Brewing Company, so we wanted to share our story by answering a question that has long been asked of us – why the raven?  Throughout history, the Raven has been considered the trickster or even joker, never taking themselves too seriously. They are highly intelligent and innovative problem solvers, being incredibly versatile and can adapt to many changing conditions. Ravens are known to be committed to their family groups and have been embraced in cultures all over the world as an important figure throughout various stories.

With this, the Raven helps guide our core values of innovation, family, pride, quality, and celebration.  Our new logo and branding take on these core values with a bold colour palette, bright and artistic imagery, and a nod to the beautiful west coast that is our home and community.  It reflects our focus on looking to local partnerships whenever possible, while embracing the pride we take in quality; then comes full circle to encompass all reflecting community and family. With this new brand look, we want to challenge both ourselves and everyone walking through our doors to BE BOLD in all that we do.


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