BeersWhat is a Porter

The first Porter was brewed in the early 1700s in London, England. Porter beer got its name from its association and popularity with the porters who transported goods throughout the city. Three hundred years later, the Porter beer style’s birth is still considered one of the most critical milestones in brewing history. Soon after its creation, Porters popped up worldwide, making it the first beer to be a truly global hit.

Porters are a dark ale that tends to have aromas of roasted grain, chocolate and toffee. Porters tend to have a thin but not watered down body with flavours that tend to be mild and lack the sometimes harshness of a stout. There are three classifications of Porter: English, Baltic, and American (Robust). English porters tend to use brown malt and are more malty than hoppy.  Not as roasty as Robust porters, there tends to be no roasted barley presence. Baltic porters are beginning to blur the line between Porter and Stout. Baltic Porter is brewed with higher alcohol, initially to cross the Baltic Sea. As the name suggested, Robust porters more “robust” flavours come from the use of roasted and black patent malt.

Ravens Brewing Hot Chocolate Porter is a traditional Robust Porter base that is further enhanced with Cocoa nibs from local chocolatier Chocolatas and Vanilla. Rich Chocolate flavours are at the forefront of the robust Porter. With hints of Vanilla, a creamy and decadent malt body makes this Porter a true must share.


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