Sizzle & Savour Catering

Grill Focussed Catering


Capture the Taste and Feel of a Gourmet Summer BBQ, Classic options and New Favorites! Packages include fun Starters, a Variety of Grilled Proteins, and Classic Sides. Dietary Restricted options and Substitutions Available.


  • Mac Bites - Homemade Cheese Sauce, el dente noodles, and Birchwood Cheddar all double coated in breadcrumbs and fried till Golden and Crispy, Served with House-Made Spicy Ketchup and Honey Mustard
  • Hogs in a Duvet - These aren’t your average Pigs in a Blanket, Hand-Made Pizza Dough, Smokies, and Cheddar, Served with House-Made Spicy Ketchup and Honey Mustard Bacon Wrapped Chicken Pops - Tender and Juicy Marinated Thighs, Skewered, Wrapped in Smokey Bacon and Finished with our signature Corvus Spice Blend
  • Fresh Chips - There's not really a better snack than freshly made chips! Both Potato and Corn Chips made freshly, and tossed with our Umami Bomb Seasoning
  • Street Corn Skewers - Grilled Corn on the Cob pieces, Tajin, Cotija Cheese


  • Pasta Salad - House-Made dressing, Pasta, Veggies, and Cheese Roast
  • Potato Salad - A new take on a Classic Dish, Roasted Nugget Potatoes, Crunchy Veggies and of course House-Made Dressing
  • Marinated Veggie Skewers - Garlic Confit and Herb Marinated Red Onion, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Cherry Tomato, and Orange Pepper finished with our Signature Corvus Seasoning
  • Street Corn - Lightly Charred Corn Cobs, finished with Butter, Tajin, and Cotija Cheese, this Savory and Sweet Dish is a must try
  • Broccoli Apple Salad - Fresh Broccoli with our House-Made Sweet and Tangy Apple Dressing, Garnished with Gala Apples and Grated Carrot


The Main Event!

Most are build your own with Classic Fixins, Fritter and Chicken Burger are set with the Fixins designed to Pair properly With the Dish

  • Grilled Cheese Burgers - A 6 oz Patty of 63 Acres Ground Beef nestled in-between two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Fixins on the side
  • Smokies - Continental Smokies, Caramelized Onions, Toasty Hot Dog Buns, Fixins on the Side
    -Chili and Cheese Upgrade Available-
  • Nene’s Pulled Pork - Overnight Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder, Shredded and Tossed in a Beautiful BBQ sauce made with its own Drippings. Moist, Tender and Flavorful
    -Sandwich Setup Upgrade Available-
  • Smash ‘N’ Stack Burgers - Thin, Crispy, Stackable Smash Patties, Melted Cheese, Toasted Buns, Single, Double, or Triple Stack, Fixins on the Side
  • Corn Fritter Burgers - Corn and Chickpea Fritters, Crispy on the outside, Soft on the inside, a Vegan Protein option even meat eaters will enjoy. Toasted Bun Fixed with Black Garlic Aioli, Onion Jam (both House-Made of course), Shredded Iceberg, Tomato, and Dill Pickles
  • Blackened Chicken Burger - Butterflied Chicken Breast coated with our Signature Corvus Seasoning, Provolone, Toasted Bun Fixed with Mayo, House-Made Jalapeno Relish, Spinach, Red Onion, Tomato
  • Grilled Chicken - All Chicken is Brined, Butchered from whole, and Rubbed before Grilling, Available in 3 Flavors: - Salt & Pepper - BBQ - Spicy: available in 3 Heat Levels, Regular, Hot, Extra Hot. Both BBQ and Spicy are brushed with Sauce to finish on the Grill

Package Options

The Minimum number of people is 20, the Basic Package Comes with 1 Starter, 2 Sides, and 1 Protein. It includes 2 Chefs to Cook and Serve, Grill Rental and Delivery, and Disposable dishes and Cutlery. 1400 - Additional People 44 Each, Maximum 60, Dishes added on a Per Item Basis, Pricing available during Booking