We Take Your Products Seriously

We are proud to offer quality contract brewing services to startup brewing companies and well-established beer brands. Allow us to take care of the brewing process so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Ravens Brewing offers competitive contract pricing and state-of-the-art brewing facilities. Our services include complete brewing services from grain to packaging.


Capacity - We offer the capacity to brew various size beer batches for our customers regardless of your business size. We can offer batches from 15 hL to 60 hL, in a variety of styles.

Flexibility - We offer the flexibility to adapt to your company's production needs. Our contracts allow for production size adjustments, allowing your production to grow alongside your market demand.

Packaging & Distribution - We offer a variety of packaging styles and sizes listed below. Utilize our distribution services to safely and efficiently deliver your finished product to market.

  • Canning - 355ml & 473ml Cans using our in house Wild Goose Canner
  • Kegging - 20L, 30L, 50L, 58L and one-way kegs

Consistency - We offer rigorous quality control procedures to create consistently high-quality products.

Storage - District Brewing offers various storage options.

For more information about Ravens Brewing's contract services, please contact Paul Sweeting, or click here.

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