Light Lager - 4x473ml Can

Light Lager

Our newest Light Lager embodies a crisp, goldenĀ profile with a subtle malt sweetness from Vienna and Pilsen malts. The addition of flaked maize imparts a light body and a hint of corn sweetness. Saaz hops contribute a delicate floral aroma, while Magnum hops provide a mild bitterness. At 4% ABV, it's a refreshing, well-balanced brew, perfect for easy sipping on a sunny day.

Alc/Vol: 4%
IBU: 15
BC SKU: 257320
Format: 4x473ml Can
Style: Lager

Available at

BCLS Village #189 -- ABBOTSFORD
Ravens Bistro & Bar -- ABBOTSFORD
BCLS Aldergrove #109 -- ALDERGROVE
Rainbow Food & Gas -- CHILLIWACK
BCLS Lynn Valley #247 -- NORTH VANCOUVER
Cedar Cottage Liquor Store -- VANCOUVER
Viti Broadway -- VANCOUVER
Blackcomb Liquor Store -- WHISTLER
Whistler Ravens Nest (Vale Resorts) -- WHISTLER