the skinny

As we are located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, and surrounded by raspberry fields, what better way to celebrate our unique access to farm fresh ingredients. A fragrant and refreshing blend of Hefeweizen and raspberries, this is the way to beat the summer heat.

Food Pairings

Whatever beer you like you will probably like with anything you eat, but here are some examples to help enhance your beer experience. Try your own pairing, there are no wrong answers to your favorite pairings.

1st Food

The tart raspberry flavours work well with Grilled Duck and salads with balsamic dressings

2nd Food

Soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert compliment the Hefeweizen under tones perfectly.

3rd Food

450 pounds of raspberries in this beer make it a great dessert beer. Pair it with Chocolate Mousse or create the ultimate vanilla raspberry beer float.

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