the skinny

Our Farmers Ale embraces its roots. Light and hazy in appearance, spicy aromatics with hints of lemongrass, black pepper and a dry lingering finish. The Farmers Ale provides layers of complexity in a traditional manner and begs you to take another sip.

Food Pairings

Whatever beer you like you will probably like with anything you eat, but here are some examples to help enhance your beer experience. Try your own pairing, there are no wrong answers to your favorite pairings.

1st Food

Seafoods and thai foods work great with this complex food beer.

2nd Food

The black pepper aromas of the Farmers Ale works great with fresh goats cheese.

3rd Food

Suprisingly the Farmers Ale, although light, provides a spicy earthiness which easily stands up to the bold flavours of a peppercorn steak.

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