the skinny

Deep toffee and malt aromas, with hazelnut and dark roast undertones, our English Dark Mild is hardy yet sessionable. Delicate UK Fuggles hops add a hint of grassy earthiness, giving this brew a more traditional characteristic. With lunch or after work, the mild is a true everyday beer.

Food Pairings

Whatever beer you like you will probably like with anything you eat, but here are some examples to help enhance your beer experience. Try your own pairing, there are no wrong answers to your favorite pairings.

1st Food

Roast pork pairs beautifully with the rich caramel and malty notes of the English Dark Mild, with out over powering either.

2nd Food

As a more traditional English pub ale, a herb crusted lamb is a nice match, especially on a cold rainy evening.

3rd Food

Gouda, although mild and creamy, tastes great along side the rich nutty and biscuit characters of the English Dark Mild .

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